XO Magnetic Watch Wireless Charger - (CX012)

XO Magnetic Watch Wireless Charger - (CX012)
[Κωδικός : 298940]
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XO CX012 Magnetic watch wireless charger
Product parameters:
1. S1.S2.S3.S4.S5.S6.SE.S7 that supports watches do not support the SO series (ie the first generation)
2. Adapter requirements: 5V adapter
3. Input voltage range: 4.8-5.5V input
4. Output power: 1-3W (room temperature 25°C-about 3 hours full charge)
5. Sensing distance: 0mm
6. Working frequency: 328KHZ
7. Metal foreign body detection:/
8. Work efficiency: 50%
9. Material: Apple white + ABS shell
10. Solution: Use dedicated MOSFET and MCU control (mainboard working environment -10°-30°)
11. Protection function:/
12. Over-temperature protection material: ABS, weight: 15g, size: 28*8.6MM

XO Magnetic watch wireless charger - (CX012)